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Sales Automation of indirect channel is undergoing a huge transformation, Artificial intelligence is playing a crucial role in ensuring productivity enhancement, increased sales, improved product mix, enhanced point of presence (POP), bringing operational efficiencies, cost optimization, better product visibility and proactive claim settlement apart from the benefits derived from legacy applications.


Sales Automation Staffing

We have had a very long association with the industry and have developed good network of skilled manpower. We can also train the resources on the business and technologies in a very short time. We have a vision to create a COE around the domain to deliver value to our customer and all the stakeholders of the organization. All this enables us to deploy trained, highly skilled resources with good understanding of the business in shared as well as in dedicated model.

DMS & SFA Services

DMS&SFA Rollout, Training and Hand Holding

This is one of the strongest pillars in our stable, our ability to create a robust rollout plan along with minutest of the details, raising a large team and train them in short time has helped us win the trust of many of our customers.


DMS&SFA Helpdesk and Support

DMS and SFA always have a huge user base both outside and inside the organization. Skilled manpower and continuous knowledge enhancement thorough advanced training modules keep them abreast with the latest technology upgradation.


Sales and Operator Backup

We can provide backup resources to cover attrition and planned leaves. We can cover the beat plan in case of casual leaves through remote model. We can also create a tailor made solutions basis client requirements.

Project Management

Project Management

Sales Automation has lot of moving parts, customization, field deployment, training and support are critical functions of the industry. Strong Governance and Project management are very crucial for the overall success of the project. Our success mantra lies in aligning our effort with the business goals of the customer, doing our due diligence for understanding the project and its deliverables, prepare a robust execution plan well in advance along with flexibility of improvisation for seamless delivery